With our Sell Used Ford Car in Bangalore Service, we have made it simple, quick, and stress-free to sell your Ford car. You can’t go wrong with our used Ford car selling services in Bangalore, and we’ll pay you right away! Our procedure is quick, simple, and painless.


With Netcars you can sell your car right away, without having to wait for possible purchasers to show up at your home. With our professional and courteous personnel to assist you in selling your car, we take the hassle out of selling your car.

In whatever condition, we buy all Ford vehicles and SUVs. Simply contact us for a free appraisal, and if you decide to sell, you can do so right now! If you can’t make it to our office, we’ll come to you. Remember, once we’ve appraised your vehicle, we’ll buy it outright and pay you cash.

The service of selling a used Ford car in Bangalore is offered to you by NetCars



“How do I sell my car?” you might wonder. With our Sell Used Ford Car In Bangalore service, you will get a great deal on your used Ford car. It’s simple. First, fill out the form on this page to tell us a little about your car. Just the essentials, such as the make and model, the age, and the number of kilometres driven. We buy the most of cars made in the last twelve years.


We’ll give you a call to find out more about your car and give you an initial offer straight away. Then we’ll arrange an inspection as soon as possible. Just give us the time which suits you and we will come to you.


Once we mutually agree on the price for your car. You receive your payment, and we pick up your car, at no extra cost. You’ll find our process to be quick and easy, with help when you need it at every step. Congratulations – you just sold your car fast!

Once we talk on the phone and reach an agreement on the value of your car, we will arrange for inspection. If we find the condition of your car is as you described, we will pay you instantly.

If the condition of your car is not as you described, we will discuss the price with you further. This could be because we believe the car’s value is affected by its history or condition.

We take pleasure in being honest and simple to work with. You’ll get an accurate offer on your car with NetCars. Other websites may just present you with an automatically generated figure that may not accurately reflect the value of your vehicle. When we make an offer, it is based on the genuine market worth of your vehicle. Not some computer-generated statistic that is frequently incorrect in determining the worth of your vehicle.

When we come to collect your car, we will pay the agreed-upon sale amount in cash. We can also send you a bank check if you prefer.

We must verify that the individual selling the vehicle is the owner of the vehicle. As a result, we require the following from you:

Your name and address must be written on a photo ID. Your driver’s licence is highly recommended.

RC Book
Car keys
Service Log Book

If your car has any outstanding finance, we will need a letter from the financing provider stating the settlement figure.

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I am amazed about how stress free and quick this service was. Car was inspected AT MY HOUSE, money is transferred immediately and later the car is picked up FROM MY HOUSE, all at a time that was convenient for me! All paperwork done too!

I sold my car through Multi Car. Very impressive service. I did not have to do anything. Sold my car in 5 hours!!

Professional management of the sale & met my expectations for price and payment. Highly recommended.

Perfect solution to selling a car. Took all the hassle away ending up with a good price with no worries or hassles normally associated with selling a car. Would thoroughly recommend this service!

Great service for selling a car. Honest, good price and hassle free. Thanks for your help and will use again.